Selected Discography


Lateef Dameer
Released March 8, 2019. Produced By Lateef Dameer. Mastering and bass performance by Emilio Guarino

Lateef Dameer
No Signal
Released September 28, 2018. Produced, mixed and mastered by Lateef Dameer. Bass on Cold Roti written and performed by Emilio Guarino.

Sum Total
Sum Total and Friends
Release date: June 12 2018 by The Force Records. Recorded and mixed by Emilio Guarino

Hot Wobble
The Holy Dine
Released July 13 2018. Production, mixing, mastering by Emilio Guarino. Vocals written & performed by Bob Botanist. ℗ Chromatic Production 2018

Concert Music

Madrigals Book 1 by George Crumb. Recorded live at the CUNY Graduate Center with Kristin Leitterman, soprano; Joe Tucker, percussion.

Valentine by Jacob Druckman for solo bass. Recorded live 2/13/2016 by The Curiosity Cabinet in Brooklyn, NY.


Experimental Electronic

Released December 6, 2018 Recorded at Phaedra Studios on 22 & 23-11-18 in Melbourne, Australia.
All bass parts performed by Emilio Guarino

Sensory Sync Latency
Released December 2, 2017. Recorded at Kwun Tung Noise Works, Hong Kong. Drum Programming by Emilio Guarino

Hot Wobble
Mute Vision
Released October 31, 2018. Composed, mixed, and mastered by Emilio Guarino

Mix and Master

Black Boy Wonderment

Mixed and Mastered by Emilio Guarino at Chromatic Production. Released Sept 2019