New podcast coming

Lateef Dameer and I recorded on a podcast this weekend. Got a fresh track that we made on the spot and a lot of news as to what’s coming down the road for Sound In Color, the Jersey City music scene, and a whole lot more.

The lastest project with a local artist I'm involved with is I’m mixing the new IZM house album which has some total heaters on it! The guy is a force of nature and this album is definitely his best stuff. Shouldn’t be too long of a wait until it comes out so i’m looking forward to watching where this one takes him.

Watch for the new release here

Or here:




Blueox video for panic attack

I play in a band called BLUEOX.

Our new video and single “Panic Attack” is out now.

You can watch it here:

Or here:

Screenshot_20190812-173606_Firefox Focus.jpg



New project with Folmr. Unscripted out now

I recorded a new Hot Wobble project in collaboration with folmR


We have a running joke because I was talking shit about a certain American doughnut shop then he saw me drinking one of their coffees a day later. So he gave me some shit about it.

I looking for a way to give this shit back to him, so I made him a new logo in the style of this doughnut proprietor.

He decided to actually start using it.

The saga continues…

More importantly, we made an album together and you can listen to it here (pick a streaming service)

or here (bandcamp)

hot wobble and FolmR unScripted 800x800.jpg



MixCon 2019 Wrap Up

I’m mixing and mastering my own music now and have even begun to accept outside clients, so going to MixCon in NYC this year was a no-brainer. Also, local and free! Can’t beat that.

I saw four people speak. Tony Maserati (!!), Paul “WIllie Green” Womack, Mike Major, and Jeff Ellis.




lucerne festival logo.jpg

They have a logo. It looks like this.

I’m going to be in Europe for a few days to do the Lucerne Festival Alumni Orchestra Tour.

I went to their summer program for a few years and learned a ton. If you’re a classical musician, “The Academy” should absolutely be on your radar and if you’re into New Music (with a capital N. If you know, you know) this is THE summer festival to go to.

The cool part is they’ll invite you back sometimes for alumni events. Couldn’t be more excited to see some friends from my summers at The Academy.

If you’re around Switzerland or Hamburg in the beginning of September 2019, come to a concert! The dates are here.



I won a Splice Remix Contest.

A friend tipped me off to this remix contest on Splice.

I dig the band and thought my left-field, electronic mad science thing I do would be up their alley so I ended up getting way into the project and winning the Grand Prize!

Couldn’t be more excited. The prizes are awesome and I’m most excited about getting and official release.

I did the remix under my electronic moniker, Hot Wobble. You can listen to the whole thing below.