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Hello, my name is Emilio

front-end dev/musician/human

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What I Do

Web Development

I use React, vanilla Javascript, and various frameworks to build websites and apps. My media production background gives me a strong sense of how to implement designs that feel good to the user. And are hopefully fun to play with :)

E-Commerce & SEO

I can help you identify what keywords you should be targeting, build content around those keywords, and then do outreach to obtain high-authority backlinks to your site that build traffic and grow your revenue.

Audio & Video Production

I have a deep music background, a decade of experience filming live events for streaming, and know how to bring it all together in post-production when it comes time to edit.

My Work

Who Am I

Developer and Content Creator

I love music , technology, and people with a vision.

At the risk of sounding cliche, what got me excited about coding is that it's exactly like learning music in a lot of ways. Pushing through mental barriers, solving creative problems with technical skills, and always always always learning something new.

These challenges all delight me and nothing really beats the satisfaction of seeing people interact meaningfully with something you created.

Please feed me ideas (along with lots of strong coffee) and let's bring it to life :)

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My Work

See What I Do

React Chat App

Airbnb UI Clone

Netflix UI Clone

Universal Live: SEO

Tenzies: React Browser Game