Hot Wobble down under

I release all my wilder electronic music under the name Hot Wobble (


Was pumped to see that my buddy FolmR got his hat to ward off the Australian sun




I bought some basses

I got two basses on first time buying from them. assuming these things show up before the end of the week, it's pretty smooth. 

what I was perhaps more excited by is how many utterly bizarre instruments are there.


I want all of them. 



Mezzo Forte Travel Bass

My buddy Nick was in NYC for a recording for a few days and very generously offered to let me take his mezzo-forte carbon fiber bass for a spin. 

the neck comes off, it's tough as nails, and plays like any other bass. It sounds great and it's actually a little easier to play than my main bass. Has a very soloistic, bright, punchy sound. 

I want this to be the next bass I buy, without a doubt.

before the end of the year is a little tight for me, but you never know. I'd absolutely LOVE to have this for my trip to Switzerland in the fall. 

Check out their instruments at



The Cocoon

Had a blast of a day with FolmR at The Cocoon studio in Jersey City.

We recorded for a few hours and I'm getting ready to chop and splice and edit everything we did. 

The idea is that we just jam and play and experiment then figure out what music we want to out out later.

Usually results in a bunch of chaos at times, but then, almost always, we'll find ourselves in otherworldly musical places that are impossible to get to any other way. 

and it's a helluva lot of fun. Couldn't ask for a better creative practice. Just hit record and go until you can't anymore.



Brooklyn Beat Syndicate Spotlight: Lateef Dameer

Lateef is a great friend, a collaborator, genuine person, but he's also a bonafide renaissance man. For real. He's seriously studied music, visual art, poetry, the German language, cooking, and probably a bunch more I haven't even heard about yet. 

He touches on it a bit in the Brooklyn Beat Syndicate video, but he was also homeless for a period of time and remarkably not dark about that period of his life. Hands down one of the most positive people I know.

P.S. many thanks for the shout out here 🙏



Moogfest 2019 was rad

Really rad.


Despite some organizational hiccups, Moogfest 2019 was well worth the trip. Would certainly come back next year. 

Seeing Kimbra for the 2nd time, Kelly Moran, Dudadius, David Miller, JLIN, Richard Devine and many others play all in a weekend is really intense, tiring, and inspiring. 

I spent the weekend with Lateef Dameer and FolmR so the vibes were good and music was made!