• Elbphilharmonie Großer Saal (map)


Riccardo Chailly conductor

Jacques Zoon flute

Lucas Macías Navarro oboe

Alexander Mosolov (1900–1973)
The Iron Foundry Op. 19

Bruno Maderna (1920–1973)
Grande Aulodia for flute and oboe solo with orchestra

Arnold Schoenberg (1874–1951)
Five Orchestra Pieces, Op. 16
version for large orchestra from 1909

Wolfgang Rihm (*1952)
Dis-Kontur for large orchestra

The day after their final concert in Lucerne, the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI will head to the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie to perform under Riccardo Chailly, joined by two principals from the ranks of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA. The theme of Chailly’s program might be “Departure.” In 1909 Arnold Schoenberg ventured to take the leap into free atonality with an extremely condensed, expressive music in his Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 16. Alexander Mosolov, who was later sentenced to forced labor in the gulag under Stalin, represents the Soviet musical avant-garde of the 1920s: his famous The Iron Foundry transforms the orchestra into a gigantic, rhythmically pounding machine and the concert hall into a factory. With works such as Dis-Kontur, Wolfgang Rihm showed that it was still possible to initiate a revolution in the 1970s, when his direct, emotional musical language met with outraged rejection from the dogmatists of new music. Finally, Chailly’s compatriot Bruno Maderna will evoke the sound of the ancient Greek aulos with the free-flowing melody of his double concerto.

TICKETS: https://www.elbphilharmonie.de/en/whats-on/orchestra-of-the-lucerne-festival-alumni-riccardo-chailly/12648