• KKL, Lucerne Hall (map)
  • Lucerne
  • Switzerland

LUCERNE FESTIVAL Young Performance : Rozenn Le Trionnaireclarinet | Péter Szűcs clarinet | Jack Adler-McKean tuba | Marina Kifferstein violin | Holly Nelson violin | Cecilia Bercovich viola |Justin Lepard cello | Emilio Guarino double bass | Lucía Carro Veiga percussion | Michael Mahnig piano and keyboard | Shila Anaraki stage director


The Concert of the Future: Fensadense turns sounds into movement

A series of short concerts that are free – what a concept! And that’s exactly what these are. Early in the evening, always starting at 18.20, LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min presents a diverse series of hosted programs. And it’s completely casual, with no dress code, no prior knowledge required, and no entrance fee. Here you have a chance to get a taste of the Festival atmosphere, to get in the mood for the evening’s concert, or to get to know the summer’s defining artists and works. Give yourself a 40-minute break to enjoy music!