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Throughout 2015 and 2016 I will be working with the amazing Tod Machover, Tod's team from the MIT Media Lab, nine fantastic instrumentalists, and a choreographer to develop and premiere a new piece called Fensedense all thanks to The Lucerne Festival. 

LUCERNE FESTIVAL Young Performance 

Rozenn Le Trionnaire, clarinet | Péter Szucs, clarinet | Jack Adler-McKean, tuba | Marina Kifferstein, violin | Holly Nelson, violin | Cecilia Bercovich, viola | Justin Lepard, cello | Emilio Guarino, double bass | Lucía Carro Veiga, percussion | Michael Mahnig, piano and keyboard | Shila Anaraki, stage director
Tod Machover (*1953)
Fensadense for Hyperinstruments and Interactive Electronics 
commissioned by LUCERNE FESTIVAL
What does “Fensadense” mean? The answer is simple: nothing. “Fensadense” is a fantasy word from the language of children, which composer-in-residence Tod Machover suddenly overheard somewhere, sometime. Yet precisely because the evocative series of sounds means nothing, the word can mean anything – you just need to fill it with life. And that is precisely what the new LUCERNE FESTIVAL Young Performance production does. In English, for example, “fensadense” suggests the word “dance” – or perhaps the word “dense.” Semantically empty, the formula “fensadense” nevertheless evokes many associations, and so does Tod Machover in the influences his music draws on: classical forms and avant-garde experimentalism, jazz improvisations and rock rhythms. And the three great Bs – Bach, Berio, and The Beatles – also play a central role in his new work.