Make It

A guide for Recent Music Graduates

I wrote a book in 2016. 


If it was up to me, every music school would have a mandatory class in a student's final year where he or she does nothing but work on a project to help make the leap into life outside academia. 

Music schools don't think like that.

They think like trade schools. You are trained to play an instrument using traditional systems and then...good luck.

This isn't saying music schools are bad. 

But it's important to look at them for what they are and realize you'll have to learn a lot on your own if you want to have a career. 

Make It teaches the fundamentals that you will need right away. 

You'll learn the mental attitudes you need to have, how to network with people, and the nuts and bolts of creating your first income streams—both by getting hired and creating your own projects. 


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