Interviews and Podcast Appearances

Lucerne Festival Feature

This interview is from my first trip overseas, ever! I'm lucky to have such a rare moment captured on film. 

You can see the stars in my eyes despite being pretty loopy from 12 hours of travel.

Contrabass Conversations Episode #245

This is my interview about my book, Make It, on Jason Heath's Contrabass Conversations. 

This is a substantial interview, so it may be easier to download the audio. Click here to download the episode as an mp3.  

We cover a lot. All the books we mention are in the Resources page. 

The Entrepreneurial Musician Episode #79

In this episode of T.E.M. I talk with Andrew Hitz about my book, what everybody has in common with a 60 watt lightbulb, self-publishing, and more. 

You can listen and download the episode above. Get the complete show notes here.

My recommended books and blogs have been added to the Resources page. 

I snuck onto a trumpet podcast to talk about Make It and making a living in music. 

We talk some of the philosophy and experience behind the book as well as talk about another one of the few books in the genre

You can listen and download the episode above. See the show page for James' notes.

Trumpet Dynamics Episode #92

My first podcast to talk about Make It. I talk post-graduate life with Dan Dunford, touch on topics from the book, explain why you shouldn't read The Atlantic too much, and more. 

You can listen right here or download the episode in the following places:


Divergent Paths Episode #45