An Update from the field

I was out in Reading, PA to play with the Reading Symphony Orchestra yesterday and decided to talk about what I consider to be essential travel items. 

If I'm headed overseas or away for longer periods of time, I have a couple other things I like to pack if possible. (Coffee is a major one.) But, these are the bare essentials: Books and headphones for music or podcasts. 

If you've read my book, you're probably familiar with how much I absolutely abhor idle, wasted time. Particularly travel time when I'm stuck being bored. I'm all for allowing oneself to be be bored sometimes—letting your thoughts wander has a very real value—but usually not for several hours on end. 

Curious and have 2 minutes?

Check out the video version or the audio podcast below. The essential items I mention are linked to below the podcast link. 

Headphones, phone, and a book or three. Always.

Here are the specific items I mention

Sennheiser Hd 280 Headphones
The Art of Deception
The 48 Laws of Power


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