I can explain what I've been working on in Lucerne, but that just doesn't do it justice. 

Luckily, there is this:

The Lucerne Festival has produced a bite size trailer of the hour long Fensadense program to promote the 2016 tour. 

Take a peek! 



Rozenn Le Trionnaire, Péter Szucs Clarinets
Jack Adler-McKean Tuba
Marina Kifferstein, Holly Nelson Violin
Cecilia Bercovich Viola
Justin Lepard Violoncello
Emilio Guarino Double Bass
Lucía Carro Veiga Percussion
Michael Mahnig Piano, Keyboard, Samples
Shila Anaraki Choreographer
Markus Güdel Lights

Tod Machover & The MIT Media LabFensadense for ten Hyperinstrumente and interactive electronics