UPDATED 7/6/2017: 

The Chromatic Endpin is now available for sale. Click here to check it out.

The Kickstarter campaign I mention here did not "work" in the way Kickstarter is intended to function, but it did get the endpin project financed in the long run. 

The campaign didn't hit the funding goal, so I didn't get a dime from Kickstarter. 

But the campaign did get the attention of some people with the means to finance the project, so I ended up working out a deal with them. 

There are some pictures below. You can see the whole thing and purchase an endpin here


I will be thanking every contributor to my Kickstarter on this page. I appreciate the help very much on a personal level, and I'm tremendously excited at the opportunity to bring this to the bass world. 

I will be updating this page as people back the project. 

The Success of the chromatic endpin owes it all to:

Dan Merriman
Mike Noordzy
Jason Woodlee
Lloyd Goldstein
Jonathan Stefaniak
Tommy Wu
Nico Salgado
Michal Herman
Christopher Riley
Andrea Geroldi
Gavri Tov Yares
Evan Runyon
Erik Galuppo
Craig Butterfield
Alex Bayer
Tom Jones
Keith A. Reed
Thomas Lane
Gerald Bell
Aleks Karjaka
Cherizar Winke
Steele Hillier
Lee Si Yuan
Adam Davis
Ethan Sobotta
Madeleine Crouch
Robert Nieski
Charles John Duey
Robert Tarantino
Ernst Spyckerelle
Lisa Gass
William Edgerton
Michael Hansen
THomas Bresnick
Matt Hessinger
Dave D'aranjo
Aaron Stander
Jacque Harper
Ryan Ford
Cecilia Berkovich
Richard Armandi
Raymond Irving
Bill Harrison
Max Jacob
Fred Zimmerman
Jason Heath
Collette Guarino
Fernando Silva
Jack Helsley
Brian Lawlor
Matthew Guse
Natasha Dzurny
Holland S
Jack Adler-Mckean
Erik Marks