I'm officially at your service starting June 1, 2016. I wrote Make It to serve other musicians. I grew up around engineers and scientists, so helping other people solve their problems is in my blood. 

The service doesn't end at my book, however. I have a blog because I want to be an open book. Tell me what you want to know and I'll be all over it. 

Since a few people asked, in addition to publishing this excerpt from the Preface to Make It, I have made the complete Table of Contents available for you. Check it out:


Make It

Table of Contents


How To Use This Book                         

        Actionable Steps                         

All In                                         

     Change Is The Only Constant             

      Stay In The Game                         

      Actionable Steps                         


     Actionable Steps: Take Control        

      Actionable Steps: Transform Failure    

      Actionable Steps: Resilience            


     The Real World                         

Actionable Steps                    


Actionable Steps: Go Out                

Actionable Steps: Pick A City                


    Before The Gig                            

       Screening Gigs Explained                

    On The Gig                                

       Actionable Steps                    

    After The Gig                            


    Earning More Money                        

        Leveraging Big Box Credibility            

     Actionable Steps                         


Actionable Steps                        


Job Guidelines                            

Managing Money                            

 Control Costs                            



Personal Finance Practices                

Money And You                            

Beyond This Book                            

Stay In Touch                               

About the Author     


If you're wondering what Actionable Steps are as you read, they are activities I ask the reader to perform that lead to a verifiable outcome. 

The whole book is structured so the reader can learn about a given topic, then implement what was discussed by taking action. Sometimes it involves exploring yourself and getting introspective, and in other cases it is all about going out into the world and interacting with other people.

Each Actionable Steps section is designed to show the reader that he or she is capable of much, much more than they realize.  

If you read the entire Table of Contents, I'm sure you want the rest of the book's pages.

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