A few months back I put up a track and made the stems downloadable, completely for free. 

Go to that link and you can still get the stems. It was something that I just did without any real expectations to see what would happen. It's a healthy thing to do. As much as I advocate being goal oriented and pushing yourself, it's important to let your mind wander. Doing something "pointless" isn't actually pointless.  It's good for the creative side of the mind. 

Back to the track. To my surprise, people started downloading it and continue to with some regularity despite me not promoting it at all. I've been so focused on my book that I've had exactly zero activity on my Soundcloud for the last few months. 

I'm thinking more and more about some fun projects to push my creativity and I'm going to post more free downloads. If people want them, I'll keep posting them. 

That all being said, here is a link to a short demo I did a few months back for a contest. I didn't win, but maybe you can make something with it. Tap the little arrow icon in the upper right corner to download it.