I was on a great podcast

My man Dan Dunford is a fellow musician in New York who also runs an excellent weekly podcast called Divergent Paths. 

I was able to get up to his place this month and spend some time talking about my new book, my thoughts on education, and self-reliance.

Some more compelling points:

  • How filming Mixed Martial Arts matches helped my bass career
  • How getting music lessons can be a networking activity 
  • Why "the real world" is bullshit
  • What inspired me to write Make It and how long it really took
  • How an independent musician can promote themselves

There's a whole lots more too, including a discount on my book for Divergent Paths listeners.

Listen to episode #45 of Divergent Paths on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play:




While you're at it, subscribe to Divergent Paths too. Dan is putting together a different kind of resource for musicians that's only growing. 


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