My primary electronic project, monat mai, has a new track out today called "forbidden fruit". Click play at the top of this post and give it a listen. The origins of that name are top secret for now. 

But, I have decided to make the rest of it not secret at all. The original project file is available for anyone to remix and redistribute, for free.

Getting a few social media likes or selling copies of the track is always very appreciated, but what I would love more than anything is to hear what you make with this. Contact me and show me what you put together. Really. It makes my day when someone new reaches out to talk about music. Even if you're completely new to electronic music, drop the stems into Garageband and go nuts. Don't be shy. 

Collaboration is a staple of my creative process. There's nothing more inspiring than hearing someone reimagine my music in a way that I'd never think of myself. Who knows, maybe we can exchange some tracks and team up on something. Music is all about connections for me and this is another manifestation of that. 

To get the files, click the link below, name your price anywhere from $0 to a googol, click "I want this!", enter your email address, and you'll be downloading in no time. 

If you would like to download the mastered version of the monat mai track, that is available for $1 here: